Getting in touch with my romantic side and trying to explore those subtle expressions and a myriad of emotions which i had somewhere deep inside..i do not claim to be a poet..I just write down what i feel like..Call them 'Free Verses' :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

The day i trust my feet

The day I trust my feet

I buried that dream inside me
Something I had done before
Still somewhere inside me wanting to explode

I keep digging up all my past
Anxious of what I will seek
Locked myself in those doors longing for that creak

Anticipation eternal
When will I meet me?
The day I will ask myself to start trusting my feet

Ignite the passion inside
Cross the boundaries
Walking away from slavery eluding vanities

Despair in me has compromised
Met hope just across the street
The day I asked myself to start trusting my feet

Friday, August 17, 2007

Stop complaining

you're feelin' all the blues
wakin' up on monday morning
Tired of makin' it to work
with nothin' but a lazy yawning
It is your discretion you see
that is not theirs as it seems
To give yourself some time brother
which i think is all you need

And when you look back now
All that's left is a lifeless painting..
say i give you one last chance
would you take it..stop complaining...

Do you have the time for this
this one last introspection
or has meeting deadlines been
your only one obsession
lemme ask u why u do this
is it Power or position
just wanted you to know that life
is more than one direction

and when you look forward
dont u see your life worth halting
say i give you one more chance
would you take it...stop complaining..

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Love don't cost a thing !!

We look through our windows
and share the sympathy
Children at the traffic lights
we red turns to green

But atleast they have.. what your kids don't
the love.. the feeling of not being alone
Now lets's true for some
they'll feel this pinch when the time will come

the way we dress.. the way we live
why can't match upto.. the love we give
but who cares it seems .. the world has grown
leave love apart..we don't even care our own

Workin all day and workin all night
Earn enough money so we can spend it right
No conscience that hurts..No guilt at all
We'll make upto them by giving them a call


I’m feelin' li’l high
Am feeling little low
I’ve all that money can buy
But still I m all alone

I feel deep down inside
I have no place to go
The heart can’t wait to cry
My mind won’t let it though..

My life’s gonna explode
I’ve crossed the line of control

My dream keeps me inspired
Whether luck is a friend or foe
And I wanna reach the sky
Touch the sun that shines above

But before I bid goodbye
Just wanna let u know
That life’s a coaster ride
Hop on...n here we go

Don’t u wanna explode?
It’s time to break-n-open the mould…..